My niece and her husband adopted 'Ellie May' this past summer and I heard that she also was poisoned recently, as my sister's dog had been, so I asked for details. She sent me the story in her words here:
So a few weekends ago, we were setting up our hunting blinds and took Ellie May with us. She was frolicking through the woods and had snagged a couple mushrooms from the open buffet that is the woods. We did not think anything of it as she has eaten a few in our backyard and nothing had happened. While after we got home, she started profusely drooling (leaving puddles of drool on the driveway). Scott looked up symptoms of mushroom poisoning and sure enough, that was one of them.
We had to take her to the vet, where they induced vomiting, gave her fluids and checked her blood work. Apparently certain types of mushrooms can cause liver damage. Thankfully, everything was okay (except for our pocketbooks). We fed her chicken and rice for a couple days and everything was back to normal.
Then last week, she nabbed another mushroom while we were on a walk (clearly a slow learner). And then another from a friend’s house (Darwinism aint got nothing on her!). She then pooped in her kennel three days in a row and was clearly not feeling well. We put her back on chicken and rice and she seems to be back to normal again.
We are still unsure of the type of mushroom that she ate in the woods that caused her to excessively drool, but our rule of thumb is to just stray her away from all of them!
P.S. Don’t let that face fool you – that is the face of a mushroom-eating savage! J Just kidding, we love her anyway.
We have a lot of weird, creepy mushrooms lurking on our lawn and throughout the neighborhood - watch out for your pooch!