It's a tri-point and a little Lansing area geographic oddity, the exact spot where Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties all meet. That spot is also the exact northwest corner of the City of Lansing.

You'll find it on Franette Road just south of Grand River in the shadow of the Capitol Region International Airport.

Want to get a little more geographically in the weeds? You probably think of that entire road as Franette but there are a few feet of road north of that tri-point before it hits Grand River. Since that strip of road is in Clinton County shouldn't that be Airport Road? (Google Maps thinks so.) Clinton County roads maintain their names across the entire county, so while Airport Road jogs around the runway and meets Grand River at Chapel Hill cemetery, Franette is inline with Airport Road north of Grand River, and therefore you are driving on a small sliver of Airport Road between Grand River and the county line when it becomes Franette.

The neat little spot was shared on the Great Lakes Road Facebook group.

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