Food lovers, it is time to rejoice, especially if you're from the City of Jackson.

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It was announced that a recently closed pizza shop, will be making a return under new ownership.

A Change In Ownership & Change In Name

Originally, you might have known this Jackson favorite as the "Jaxxon Pizza Factory." That very establishment is reopening its doors, just under a different name, called the "Jackson Pizza Factory."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Expect Some Minor Changes To The Jaxxon Pizza Company

As you could expect under any new management, there will be some slight changes done inside the Jackson area favorite.

The new owners said something that was on their to-do list was to upgrade the walls, ceilings, and floors inside the current building.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When Will The Pizza Factory Reopen Their Doors?

You can expect to enjoy some delicious pizza again in the city of Jackson, just around the time summer is set to begin.

What goes better with summer, than pizza, right?

What was your favorite creation from the original Jaxxon Pizza Factory? Open our station app and tell us what your favorite was.

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