Nothing ties a small town together like a pizza place. Back in the day, in Webberville after a school sporting event, the entire town converged on Nick's Pizza.

Laingsburg has a special place in my heart. As a kid, my family would visit Round Lake often. My Aunt and Grandparents both had a house on it. I "dated" a lot of girls from the Wolfpack. I LOVE the town. After the dances I used to go to with my cousin, we would always hit the pizza place.

A few years ago, I did a live event at the pizza place. It had a different name back then. Now it's called PDP Pizzeria. Perfectly Delicious Pizza. I asked on my Facebook who needed some love and someone I respect, Chad Stalker mentioned them.

My friend Corey Smith said he LOVES the BLT pizza.

Kathy Crawford said she LOVES their pizza.

I have known the owner Casey Mohney for about 10 years and this is a family run business. They took it over in 2013.

She says the CBR Chicken Bacon Ranch and Meat Lovers are amazing. Also you need to try the taco pizza.