All over town, I have seen these signs and people pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. Yes it's a State law, and NO I do not like wearing a seatbelt. Not because I am being told what I have to do in the privacy of my own vehicle, it's just because I don't!

I grew up in a time when seatbelts were not mandatory and Moms arm was stronger than steel when it came to a quick stop! Kids were held on the laps of parents on long trips or when baby was fussy. Then again, we didn't have the instant information of the internet and the speed limit was 55 MPH. Not because cars were too fast, it was the whole "energy crunch" thing and the gasoline shortage. But that's a crock for another blog.

All in all, I still hate seatbelts but will concede and wear them. You never know when someone is going to come screaming at you at 125 MPH, come at you the wrong way after a night at the bar. Frankly, I'll keep my 65 bucks and increase my chances at surviving yet another car accident in my life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!