Was your New Year's Resolution to be more organized? Or is your desk just so out of control you really should do something about it? Well today is dedicated to doing just that, it is National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

Old memos, that sticky note you kept around to test out your pens on, notes or just plain chicken scratch that made sense in the moment but couldn't possibly make out now all can get pitched.

I know my desk here at the station and my desk home are two completely different worlds. My work space is clean and a great place to focus, but at home it's a catch-all for anything I say "I'll figure out what to do with this later."


If a little help just getting organized is all you need, there are ways to do it that benefit everyone's preferences.

I like my mini three-drawer organizer so things are put away nice and neatly and more "out of sight, out of mind" until I need them.

Some people like to still see their papers, folders, etc...which is why one that holds all of those and your office supplies can clear up some real estate on the rest of your desk.

Whichever way you observe #CleanOffYourDeskDay just remember a little organization goes a long way and maybe if you don't need to participate, someone in your office probably does so use this to give them a little nudge!

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