Norman Fell would have celebrated his 90th birthday today. He passed away back in 1998. I just discovered today, he had a brief stint as a "Rat Pack" member. I can just see him at a roast with that smile.

This morning I was asking, who do you like better as landlord on "Three's Company?"

When I was a kid, it was Mr. Furley (Don Knotts) but as I got older, I began to get the jokes of Mr. Roper. (Norman Fell)

"The Ropers" spin-off series began in March of 1979 and got cancelled in May of 1980. Norman Fell so loved working on "Three's Company" he had it written in his contract, if "The Ropers" were cancelled, he could go back to "Three's Company."

The contact was only good for one year and had expired one month before they cancelled "The Ropers" leaving Don Knotts as the landlord and Norman Fell out of Hollywood. He appeared on "Ellen" as Mr. Roper in 1997, his final television appearance.

No doubt Don Knotts was fantastic... Who was your favorite? Norman Fell or Don Knotts?