I was crushed to hear Mr. Bowie passed away. He was the quintessential glam front man. We celebrated his birthday on Friday and I had no clue he had cancer and was about to pass. Here is the info on his passing.

His voice is so iconic to me. I could always tell by that deep tone it was him. I always loved Ziggy Stardust because whenever I heard it, it usually meant Classic Rock A to Z was over. I only discovered I LOVED Bowie in 2005. He is an acquired taste.

One of my favorite Bowie moments I laugh at daily, was the "Dancing in the Street" video he did with Mick Jagger. When you watch it now, it just feels awkward.

OK, NOT one of my favorites. This was my buddy "Toolman's" pick- "Rock & Roll Suicide.

These are my TOP 5 Favorite Bowie Tunes.

#5. TVC15. It was a listener who suggested this on my old show and I fell in love. One of those tunes I have no clue what it's about and don't care, It moves me.

#4. Panic in Detroit. Just love his voice during this tune. It's all about Detroit race riot of 1967. The video is Bowie LIVE from 1976.

#3) Rebel Rebel. Seriously, try NOT singing this when it comes on.

#2) Heroes. The Bowie version not the Bob Dylan talentless son version. Again, his voice and lack of fear rise to the top during this song. HIs passionate vocals at the end give me goosebumps.

#1) Ziggy Stardust. I sneak this tune in whenever I can. It's just beautiful and shows the places this man was willing to go for his music.

It sucks he is gone at 69 but David Bowie will live forever through his music. He was one of a kind and will me missed.