!) Tight End Jake Butt wins. It wasn't even close. He has the best name of the 2017 NFL Draft. His position adds to the hilarity of his name. There was some decent competition.

2) Money Hunter: Great name for a gold digger... Maybe not the best for a defensive back. His real name is Monshadrik and his dad is former Tiger Torri Hunter.

3) Chunky Clements: I made fun of his name when we MSU played Illinois last year. He had the last laugh, a great game and a victory over MSU. His real name is Jarrod.

4) Taco Charleton: His real name is Vidauntae. He very well could be taken by Detroit at pick #21.

5) Forreset Lamp: Don't go camping without one! Actually Forrest is likely to be a first rounder.

Honorable mention:

Corn Elder. Fish Smithson. Weston Steelhammer and Mike Tyson who used to play with Munchie Legaux at Cincinnati.

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