This weekend, it seemed everyone was doing Christmas cookie exchange parties or just simply getting together with family and friends to decorate their sugary creations. It turns out that each state has a favorite cookie of their own!

As reported by Mental Floss, General Mills compiled information from, and to then put together a map showing the most popular cookie recipes from each state. 

There were the classic, most widely lovable peanut butter cookies topped with Hershey Kisses, coming in as the top cookies for seven states.

Other ingredients included Nutella, M&M's and gingerbread, but Michigan's favorite Christmas cookie is the Easy Kolaczki.

Now at first I thought, "what the hell even is that!?" but upon further review, these Polish pastries look perfect!

So this holiday season as you frost your cookies, crumble up your candy canes and deck those cookie halls with Michigan's favorite, the Easy Kolaczki!

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