Shopping for groceries can be cumbersome. There are some supermarkets in the U.S. that are better than others. Two of America's best supermarkets in America will soon have a home in East Lansing.

Supermarkets have changed with the times!

Food & Wine describes the evolution of supermarkets in America.

A lengthy period of evolution in American food culture has transformed supermarkets, and often for the better. As Americans become increasingly interested in eating well, the country has better access to higher quality food than at any other time in recent memory.

Eating healthier is something we are taking on full steam at our household. It comes at a cost but our familiy's health is worth it. We have some good places to go and get healthy food in East Lansing. Pay Whole Foods a visit for good healthy choices.

When shopping we try to save money and get the best value. The products must be good and cheap for it to be a value.

What two supermarkets in East Lansing are ranked in the Top 10 in America?

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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There's been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about a Trader Joe's coming to East Lansing. It's been a long trip but it looks like Trader Joe's will hopefully be opening soon. Trader Joe's is ranked at #8 in America.

News of Trader Joe's opening in East Lansing goes all the way back to 2021. While there's been a lot of ups and downs and red tape to cut through, good news awaits.

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Food & Wine says this about Trader Joe's:

Trader Joe's is one-of-a-kind — and often tremendously accessible, to boot, offering great product, lots of it organic and all-natural, for sometimes drastically less than you'd pay elsewhere.

Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing


Costco is awesome and it ranks at #10 in the U.S. The free samples are nice and where else can you get mass amounts of condiments for cheap? Costco also adapted during the pandemic successfully.

Plenty of shoppers may have had trouble seeing the point before, but if there was ever a time where the four-pack of mustard made sense, it was 2020. America's finest warehouse club was already known for being a great place to work, and during the pandemic, it proved to be a safe place to work, too, thanks to measures that included masks required for all members, and a restriction on the number of people admitted along with members. Throughout it all, rather importantly, the food court hot dogged on.

Costco has more than condiments. The staff at the East Lansing location is always friendly. When it comes to food, Costco's fresh meat and produce are always fresh and tasty. Another cool thing about Costco is that gas is cheap provided you are a member.


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