I was pretty confident Tyler O'Connor would be a good quarterback for us. He is the only B1G 10 QB in the last 2 years to beat Ohio State AT OHIO STATE last year in the rain. Everyone said weather had a lot to do with that, even though OSU had 12 players drafted. Both teams had to play in the weather and O'Connor managed that game perfectly.

He took some criticism from Doug Flutie, who was covering the game for NBC. He got lucky on a hail mary pass to true Freshmen Donnie Dorley Jr. who caught his first MSU touchdown pass the exact same way his high school career ended. O'Connor grew up a Notre Dame fan but wasn't offered a scholarship by the Irish. It had to be bittersweet. Read more about Tyler O'Connor here.

I didn't expect MSU to win at Notre Dame. I was impressed with the 36-7 lead. Then very anxious as the Irish came back, like I knew they would. So, Tyler O'Connor in his first 3 starts has wins at Ohio State and Notre Dame. Not bad. Not bad at all.