Ugly sweaters are hot again this year. My friend Carmen has a Christmas sweater countdown we look forward to every year. To put my own twist on it, the last 2 years as soon as a certain store gets in their new Christmas Vests, I go model a few for the customers. Last year was the "Red Rocker".

Joey Pants showing his spirit.
Joey models this Christmas vest from 2012.

This sweater vest is perfect for the Grandmother to keep her arms cool while she rocks and knits the days away until Christmas. It has a tree and gifts under the tree. Good times.

This years vest I like to call "Cozy Christmas"

Joey POURED into this vest
Joey Pants modeling "Cozy Christmas."

This vest captures the majesty of a Christmas night. I appreciate the snowflake economy. Too many would have KILLED this vest. I find comfort in the smoke coming from the chimney of this cabin. The heart tells anyone who sees it... "I love Christmas!" Not only that, you have not 1 but 2 peppermints. PLEASE! If you happen to come across a work of art like one of these. Snap a picture and send it to


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