We've told you about the exotic animals you can and can't own in Michigan but here are some more manageable ones you can actually keep in your home that are pretty unique.

Many of us have heard the stories of someone illegally owning a wild animal, looking at you Joe Exotic, but the ones we'll be featuring here are ones that are legal to own.

Sure, some you do need to have the proper permits and other various paperwork in order to own some of these animals but you could see someone walking down the street or visit their house and find they have one of these unique animals.

Maybe you know someone who has owned one of these little critters or maybe you will be just as surprised as I am, either way, we are on this journey together!

Unique and Legal Pets In Michigan

While there are probably many more animals that would make a unique pet in Michigan, this was just a taste!

You can find more information out from a very reliable source by checking out the information provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife on which animals and how you can obtain a permit to "hold game in captivity."

I know I have heard the stories of people who have kept raccoons at home, people who have had pet ducks and even baby deer (remember Audrey Hepburn's?).

All in all, if you are going to choose to have a unique pet or an animal that is typically meant to live in the wild, just make sure you are up to the challenge and ready to give it the care it needs. No animal deserves abuse, neglect or improper care.

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