You really can't make this stuff up. My dog barked early Wednesday morning, thanks to the bad choice I made to leave the front door open for fresh air. I looked outside and saw Lansing Police dropping off a guy a few doors down.

Thinking nothing of it, I started to doze back off...until a drunken loud ass decided to march the sidewalk out front hilariously sobbing and explaining his pickle! At the 56 second mark of the video...BOOM...dude explains he ran out of gas. At the 1:12 mark he explains that a cop took him from Red Roof Inn back to where he was before running out of gas, where he apparently was bullied by his friends. (Mike, Mike, Mike...f******g Mike, Dane, and "Street Bought".) But, why would they? After all, as he explains at 2:32, he was the only one with Molly...and, I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about a girl named Molly, thanks to good ol' Urban Dictionary.

That apparently pissed him off in the end!! Nothing like hurling a boulder through somebody's windshield to show how mad they made you. Jackass!! See it for yourself! BOOM!!! (It will make sense when you watch)

TURN YOUR AUDIO UP ALL THE WAY!!! (LowQ, raw recording)