Watching an Ohio family try to catch a fat squirrel in their living room will make you day.

At first look it would appear as though Santa Claus was delegating some of his Christmas duties to this adorable animal.  Look at him.  He's coming down someone's chimney, he fat and jolly.  He just happened to be a few days early.  Oh, and he forgot the presents.

According to,

A couple went nuts after a santa-inspired squirrel jumped down the chimney of their home and went on a ten minute rampage around the living room.  The agile rodent wreaked havoc after Mitch and Haylie Ferguson freed it from the fireplace - then tried in vain to capture the festive intruder.  Mother-of-two Haylie, 26, and train inspector Mitch, 29, had to call in his dad Mitch Sr, 53, to help snare the startled squirrel.

Squirrels can be fun.  Here's a couple TikTok videos of a red squirrel I rehabbed a couple years ago.  In this first video, the squirrel is playing with one of my pitbulls.

In this next video the squirrel is using my head as a launching pad.



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