This is actually a story about politics that shouldn't start any arguments. If you're wanting to participate in the upcoming November Elections, including the 2016 Presidential Race, you have two weeks from today to register to vote. Voter registration deadline is Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

If you're not sure whether you are registered and eligible to vote, the Michigan Secretary of State's website has all of the answers you may be looking for. You can see if you're currently registered at your current address, find your polling location, read a list of requirements for voter eligibility, see a list of candidates on your ballot, and read any proposals that may be asked of voters.

The SOS website also has a printable form that can be used to mail-in your voter registration, if you are not registered. You can also visit any SOS branch or county, city, or township clerk's office during normal hours. And, remember, you can only vote if you're registered...registration is free.