If you like charming British accents and watching cool stuff in slow motion... Check this out.

I know the video was sponsored by Google but DAMN. Those were some pretty awesome sights. Something you might see at a rock concert. When they add the music, it's almost heavenly.

It makes me think of the bands I have seen. Who put on the best pyrotechnics show?

For me, It's AC/DC from "The Razor's Edge" tour or Trans Siberian Orchestra. With TSO you could feel the fire in your seats. Plus, they make it snow in arenas.

With AC/DC, you could actually see the lightning in the Palace. The stage went dark. The Lightning started to flicker... Then, the THUNDER! During "Money Talks" the angus money that fell from the ceiling. That was the loudest show I have ever heard and left my ears ringing for days after.




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