I don't know all that much about Muskegon. I've been there three times. I drove a friend there for a job interview in an industrial area. I went with another friend to a wedding at a bowling ally, and in between took my boys to see Alice Cooper at the Summer Celebration in 2006.

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The Muskegon Chamber of Commerce posted this video that I saw today, and it fascinating seeing what the city looked like, and some of the historic buildings that were, and in some cases, their demolition. (Yes, it's a video spotlighting opportunities, but I do love the nostalgia of it.)

Looking it up, Muskegon has a population smaller than Battle Creek, but for many, many years it was the home of the Muskegon Lumberjacks/Zephyrs/Mohawks/Fury. Over the years, that franchise won a couple of Turner Cups, which puts it in good company, with the K-Wings.

I'd heard Muskegon had its hard times but that in 2006 trip to the Summer Celebration was an eye-opener. (And the funny thing is, what eventually became Summer Celebration was borne of Muskegon being abandoned by appliance manufacturer Norge around 1960, and then the goal became tourist dollars.)

The Heritage Landing location for the concerts was great; right on Muskegon Lake, and just beyond was Lake Michigan. Apparently, the organizers ran out of money about ten years ago. That's a shame, because this should still be a destination for concert goers in the summer months. If you look through the concert database, which only goes back to the mid-90's, you see the artist that played there are a who's who.

(Muskegon Chamber via YouTube)

But if you grew up in or around Muskegon, see if you any memories from the video.

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