Earlier this week we asked for you all to help come up with a name for the Jackson Walmart parking lot coyote that was spotted on Sunday, December 8th, and you did not disappoint!

Now some responses did remind us that coyotes are still wild animals that should not be messed with or celebrated as "mascots," and while we appreciate the concern for wildlife, we want to point out this is all in good fun and this is not the "official" name for the coyote.

With that being said, if whoever reaches out and would like some suggestions for a name, you all gave us some great ones to share!

There were names that played on the fact that the coyote was found in the superstore's parking lot like Wally, MARTi and Roll-back.

Other solid contenders were Walton, Stalker, Carl and, of course, Wile E. Coyote.

Some names suggested were a bit sassy towards Walmart so those get honorary points for their creativity at least!

Out of the seven names mentioned, what is your favorite?

Thank you all so much for participating in something fun and a little silly with us! There is definitely more where that came from.

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