Looking at a satellite map of the Soo Locks, I noticed something.....objects that were buried underwater. Quite a few, in fact.

A good handful of these things are easy to see, mainly some boats that sank. Looks like a couple of ships as well, one being extremely huge.

And then, there are some other things underwater that are not so easily identifiable. For instance, there are a couple of hard-to-see things that look like they may be sunken ships, but in deeper water than the others.

There are (what appear to be) wooden slabs and shapes along the shoreline, which could very well be sunken docks.

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Then there appears what looks like a stonehenge-like array of square blocks: wood or cement? Cargo items? Can't tell.

And the weirdest of all is a very long crack. At first I thought it was cracked ice where a ship made its way through. But looking at the map again, there is greenery all around, which means it was NOT winter when these satellite shots were taken. Sea foam? Good guess, but it doesn't look like it. Was this an earthen crack that was caused by a quake?

Searching even further along the coastline are more sunken docks, piers, unidentifiable objects, and a few more possible boats...and I'll bet there are more little sunken boats in deeper water that were lost by private owners for one reason or another.

Take a look at the gallery below at these sunken items, and maybe you can shed some light on that weird crack under the water

Sunken Objects at the Soo Locks


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