A local Lansing grocer has put a plea out for potato salad, and they are totally serious.

Here's the backstory: I live in Lansing, and I adore this small grocery store in town called Westlund's Apple Market (shout out to them for celebrating their 100th birthday last year!). They are a beloved staple within the community and their hot, to-go deli section is amazing for a quick lunch or dinner on the fly. So of course I follow them on Facebook. I like to keep up with what they're doing. And their most recent Facebook post really caught my attention.

The Facebook post wasn't about the new take-and-bake pizza they had available, or what the specials were that week. Nope. It was about the fact that people keep calling them about Leon's Potato salad, which sadly, has been discontinued.

Bring Back Leon's Potato Salad

Apparently, Leon's Potato Salad is so beloved by locals that even though the company that makes it discontinued it in the fall of 2021, Apple Market is still receiving calls about whether or not it has said potato salad. Check out their plea to the manufacturer, Sandridge Food Corporation in the Facebook post below.

And this isn't the first time that Westlund's Apple Market has turned to social media to get this deli injustice fixed. They put similar pleas out on Facebook back on May 28th and January 13th of this year.

Having never had the pleasure of trying Leon's Potato Salad myself, I went straight to Apple Market's deli to get some answers to the questions I had.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing

Westlund's Apple Market

I spoke with Andrea who works in the deli and bakery section and asked her a couple of questions. First off, why was Leon's Potato Salad so popular?

It used to be made right in Lansing, so a lot of people grew up with it. It's a fan favorite.

Do you have anything that is comparable to Leon's Potato salad?

Right now the closest that we have is the traditional potato salad that we sell. I hear that it's relatively close in flavor. That's about the only thing that we have that's probably comparable to our Leon's.

So there you have it, folks.

No, Apple Market no longer has Leon's Potato Salad because the manufacturer discontinued it back in the fall of 2021. Yes, they do have something similar if the craving strikes you; the traditional potato salad is what you should try.

And if you really want Leon's Potato Salad back in the deli section, Westlund's Apple Market suggests that you reach out to the manufacturer, Sandridge Food Corporation, and tell them they should start making it again.


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