It was 1982. My mom was a big garage sale person. She saw a sale and let me get out with her to see if there was anything cheap she could buy me off for a while with.

When we were kids, our parents would have parties with their friends. Before the parties, she would take us to the "dime store" in Fowlerville to pick out cheap, crappy toys to keep us occupied while they partied downstairs. It rarely worked.

Back to the sale. I was 8 years old and started shuffling through a milk crate of records and came across Kiss "Destroyer." I had NEVER seen anything like that before. Dudes looking like clowns in makeup. It looked like they were arriving from another planet.

Kiss Casablanca

I looked at my mom and said "MOM! 10 cents! Can I get it, please?" I am sure I took creative license and added the please.

"NO!" She screamed. Turning my face red.

"Kiss stands for Knights in Satan's Service!"

If she would have just bought me the damn album, I would have likely discovered I didn't like Kiss and it would have been over but NO! Because of her response, I became a Kiss fan just to piss her off. Later, it became Pantera and Metallica.
"This music makes me nervous." She always used to say.

A friend of mine said it was Lou Reed for him. "My mother HATED him!"

Was there a band your parents unintentionally made you a huge fan of?

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