Two weeks ago, we all got excited about the possibility of gas prices in Michigan falling below one dollar per gallon. Experts cited easy access to cheaper Canadian oil in the midwest, high production rates, and seasonal blending formulas all as catalysts for the most affordable gas prices this century.

But, looking around Mid-Michigan filling stations, the price is doing anything but getting lower. Prices this week alone in South Lansing have risen more than a quarter. AAA this week said the statewide average for a gallon of gas is at $1.50. Today, prices in Lansing are more than 20 cents higher than the statewide average and are even higher than this week's national average of $1.70.

Bum deal for us, especially when experts say Michigan still has the fifth lowest prices in the country. WTF is happening in Lansing to cause our prices to rise? I call jinx on the "experts"!