Saturday, my in-laws were out shopping for essentials and decided to drop off the play set they got for my daughter for her birthday.

Sunday, I had an excuse to spend the beautiful day outside! Around 10 AM I began piecing this thing together. Around 2 PM, I broke the brand new ratchet I bought at the after Christmas clearance sale. I knew it was taking a while. I said to myself, I am just going to keep going until the wife starts yelling.

Around 8 PM she said dinner was ready as I was putting the finishing touches on the project. The wife was not mad at all. In fact, she said the absence may have saved our marriage, as she was not in a good mood on Sunday.

What a great feeling. Knowing she has somewhere to play that is safe. Knowing I built it all with my own two hands. Plus, I saved my marriage!!!!

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