School is almost out and some kids will be spending a lot of time on the computer unsupervised this summer. Plenty of opportunities for bad guys.

I honestly had never heard of "Sextortion" before today. I was scrolling and came across this disturbing story. Click here to see it. 

The story discussed how people online create fake accounts and profiles. Then lure kids by telling them they are a model agent and have the kids send them naked pictures. Once they have the naked pictures they threaten to post them and attempt to hurt the kid socially. Unless they get more pictures.

There has been a 60% bump in prosecutions for Sextortion over the past 5 years.

It's a much different world than we grew up in. The creeps ages range from 18 to grandparent.

Talk to your kids and keep an eye on their social activity. You may not be the only one keeping tabs on them.


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