Unless you are a "lone wolf" type, asking for advice or help is kind of second-nature to a lot of people. It is hard to go through this life alone, without any guidance, which is why most of us have at least one person we go to most.

I rely on a whole lot of people for a whole lot of different things. I always go to my mom for medical and life advice, I go to my dad and my "radio dads" for career advice, I go to my friends for relationship advice, and my sisters and honestly even my boyfriend for everything else.

There are also a few things you would rather not go to your inner circle for advice on, and that's where my therapist comes in! Therapy is cool, folks!

I have received so much great advice from all the people in my life, including some of the best, most uplifting advice from my own cohost Joey Pants.

Some pieces of advice I really follow are:

  • "You can't control how everyone else will react, put yourself first"
  • "Treat Yo' Self"
  • "This is not a life boat, you are not drowning"
  • "What you love, you empower. What you fear, you empower. What you empower, you attract"
  • SO much more!

According to a survey done by SWNS digital, adults will ask for advice upwards of 6,000 times in their lives. Here's what they say they asked about most and who they asked:

What and Who You Most Likely Go To Advice For

According to the survey, the average adult have or have had about 31 people they go to for so, of course, the things listed above are not set in stone. It's always good to keep a big circle of people you can go to as there is a vast world out there full of things we don't quite know for certain!

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