Gambling was made legal in Las Vegas on this day in 1931. Just one of the many perks that makes Vegas, Vegas.

A few years ago, I bet Duran Martinez MSU would beat Michigan in football... When John L. was still coach. Needless to say, I had to wear a Michigan shirt to an event. I still kept the shirt to remind me not to make stupid bets.

Some people might think you have a gambling problem if you bet on everything. My buddy Joe always bets people at bowling if they will get a strike or pick up a spare. When we watch Nascar, we bet on who will bring out the first caution flag, who will be the first crash, who will lead after the 10th lap. We don't think we have a problem. It makes the game more interesting.

When we go to the Breslin Center to watch the high school championships, my dad and I bet on the score at the end of the quarters. I let him pick odd or even on the teams combined score. I have also seen larger groups betting on numbers. Say the score is 47-41, the guy who picked number 8 wins the pot. Rarely do you see people bet on the teams. I bet more people bet on the score, what team will have the first foul or who will win the jump ball than just what team will win.

I lost a few bets and regretted it. Did you ever win an embarrassing bet or lose one?

What is the craziest bet you have made or heard of?