Now, I am not on this big, motivational journey to lose weight or anything like that; but I am already noticing a change in my mindset after only a week into trying to just be more "fit."

I definitely am "out of shape" which can mean a lot of things. It can mean, literally, my body is not the shape I would like it to be, but also just my stamina and energy levels are out of whack.

Not only can exercise help your physical health but your mental health as well. Being more body-positive and pushing myself to do things I can be proud of my body for being able to do is definitely one of my goals for the new year. Changing up my mindset and getting back to having a more positive outlook, a far cry from the cynicism I picked up in 2020.

When I say changing my mindset, I really just mean that a lot of things about my body that I would normally look at, complain about, pick apart, and sit in a funk for days about how disappointed I am, I now look at it and do some research on different machines and workouts I can do to change it.

Even though on my first day, I didn't go "too hard" it felt so good to get out of the house and get active doing something other than getting my steps in by going to Target.

It also just feels really good to say "Oh, I can't do that tonight, I'm going to the gym." Starting to get into a routine and carving out that time to better myself feels really great.

Like I said, I am not on this big, motivational journey; however I feel like I will continue to update and document how this whole transition from lazy, squishy bum to toned, fitness freak is going. All of it, if for nothing else, can maybe serve as a way to maybe get you thinking about doing the same or, if you've been hesitating for a while, give you the push you've been waiting for.

While I have not, obviously, noticed any significant changes in my body yet, I know those will come and so far I am loving the shift in my mentality that is already taking place with it!

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