It goes without saying, we all have our own personal styles when it comes to how we dress ourselves and even more so how we dress up our homes!

With Michigan winters being as dreary as they are, having your own brand of holiday cheer that feels home-y and cozy and just sparks even a little bit of joy is worth it!

For day-to-day décor, it's always interesting to see if the people you're visiting have that Pinterest-perfect aesthetic or something a bit more out-there. However, the holidays are a TOTALLY different game!

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The Various Holiday Decorating Styles

Some people hold on to the same holiday decorations for years on end because they bring back all those feelings of "comfort and joy" that only come around once a year.

Others switch it up every so often to get something new, keep up with the trends, etc.

Speaking of trends, we would be remised to ignore the ever-growing "farmhouse" trend that currently has a chokehold on homes everywhere for both year-round decor as well as for the holidays. You can't go anywhere without finding buffalo plaid, those trucks with the trees in the bed, or something that says something about a tree farm!

It's all cute and it's all nostalgic and it gives a more cozy, relaxed feel to the more traditional styles we've come to know.

Then, you can't forget the classics...and by "classics" we mean full-on retro, baby! That's more of my wheelhouse, though it borders on "kitschy" (more on that in a few).

Whatever your decorating style is around the holidays, it may say more about you than you'd think.

Holiday Decorating and Your Personality

What Your Holiday Decorating Style Says About You

Your choice in holiday décor could say a lot more about you than you'd think. Here's a look at some decorating trends we've been noticing and what they tell people about your personality as a whole:

"You Do You"

Of course, we are not experts here and we are making some pretty broad generalizations. However, that's part of what makes visiting friends and family over the holidays so fun. Getting to see what the holidays mean to them, getting to see their style outside of their day-to-day decor and just having fun with it!

That's what the holidays are really all about. Whatever it is that screams "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" to you is all that matters.

I know I am going to be THRIVING once I get to put up all my décor for the first time in our new home!

What would you call your holiday decorating style?

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