Driving down Michigan Avenue in Lansing last night, I noticed several new businesses, including the Michigan Market and Mert's Meats' new location at Marshall Street (the original Mert's is in Okemos).

There was a long line of 20-somethings outside of one of the clubs next to The Nuthouse, just west of Cooley Law School Stadium.  Yes, on a Monday night at 7:00.

I also drove past Zoobie's on Grand River in Old Town - in case you missed it, they reopened the long-time neighborhood 'shot and a beer' bar last year, creating another fun place to get craft beer (and other grown-up beverages) in Greater Lansing. Zoobies' owners will soon be opening up 'The Cosmos' wood-fired pizza next door.

Another new business in Lansing is River Town Adventures, right next to the Lansing City Market.  That's where My Honey and I went kayaking on Father's Day.  Nate Williams and Paul Brogan opened their new venture just a few weeks ago -- what a great way to spend your lunch hour in downtown Lansing!  Also big fun to take a leisurely paddle in the evening or on the weekend.

I love seeing all the new businesses and activity around Lansing. Obviously, this is just a short list - love to hear about some of your favorite new places, or maybe even a new business that you've started! Please share the details here.