Every year since she was born, we have taken our daughter out to a sunflower field. I have tried and failed to create my own. Sometimes the fields aren't in the same spots every year. Sometimes, we are just too damn late and that may be the case this year.

You see people do a lot of damage to the fields, and I think that is why we are seeing less of them. First of all, don't trespass. If you are going to trespass (don't do it), be courteous to other people's property.

The first year, we struck GOLD.

From the Pants Stash

We had an sunflower outfit for her and everything. I think we tried packing her in that outfit the next year too but we missed 2018 because we couldn't find a field. So, last year we made our own. Bumble Nuggs.

This year, I killed the plants. Click here to see the blood on my hands. 

It's not like we even have an outfit for this year but I am sure we would have to include a mask in there. We haven't been out as much as we normally are so we haven't stumbled on any yet this year. Do you have a great field in your area where the public is allowed? Please, share the gold in the comments.

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