My Honey and I took the train from East Lansing to Chicago for our recent getaway, where he was attending a convention and I tagged along to enjoy some time off and the sights, sounds and delicious food of the big city.

(During this getaway, I only 'almost' ripped off a door handle at the hotel where we were staying, unlike when we were in Denver earlier in the month when I Hulked the door-knob off the place we were staying. In my defense, it was an older home...)

Anyway, as we were coming home from the train station, I see this vehicle pull into the street in front of us.

"Honey, catch up with 'em - I gotta see what he's hauling!"

As we got closer, it took a minute in the dusk to realize that it was a portable basketball hoop, though not really 'easily' portable.

I'm not sure what was holding it in place, but I'm sure they made it to their destination in one piece.