The show Trailer Park Boys is really hilarious. There is one episode called "Closer to the Heart" where they kidnap Alex Lifeson from Rush. It is one of my favorite episodes of anything ever. All the guys from Rush had some fun with it.

Me and 13 of my friends were thinking... You know what will get rid of COVID? Getting everyone together for a concert! That'll show COVID. F@*& You, COVID! Everything is fine in Michigan, even though we are approaching as high of numbers as we did at the peak in the spring. But ignore facts and numbers just because of pandemic fatigue. Let's make this last as long as we can by fighting! Now let's fight about what band we are going to fictionally attempt to kidnap and make play for us.

It isn't like we are really planning to kidnap a band to take over the Government or anything. Kidnapping is a felony with the possibility of life in pound me in the pancake prison. No thanks.

But what band? We have a time machine. You can pick the year and tour. What band is worth becoming a prison bitch for? It's a simple question. What band would you attempt to kidnap?

Bands Worth Kidnapping

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