This will create some fights. I know some will have Mick Jagger in there. I know some will SCREAM for Eric Clapton. HOW could there not be a Southern Rock icon represented?

This is my Mount Rushmore of Classic Rock. The four faces I see on the monument for Classic Rock!

#1 Robert Plant representing Led Zeppelin. They are the backbone of Classic Rock. ANY list that doesn't include them in some fashion, is no list to be taken seriously. Image result for robert plant

#2 Pink Floyd. I don't think many would instantly recognize David Gilmour and Roger Waters is very politically polarizing... Image result for dark side of the moon

So, we need a face for the Mountain and it's Tom Petty. Seriously, when you saw him play it was like watching a choir in church. EVERYONE sang along. Image result for tom petty black and white


#3 Queen. I would go with the fabulous head of hair of Brian May but Freddie's mustache is too iconic. Freddie Mercury is the greatest frontman who ever lived.

Image result for freddie mercury mustache

#4 Rush. The face of Neil Peart. I consider him to be the greatest drummer in the history of human civilization.  Image result for neil peart face

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