There are SO many Green Bay Packers fans in Michigan. Probably because they have actually won Super Bowls, unlike the Detroit Lions who have NEVER even been there. After a while, you forget what winning feels like and have to join a new team. I get it. I just hate Aaron Rodgers. (I hate respect him)

Matt LaFleur was born in Mount Pleasant and grew up there. He went to Western Michigan before transferring to Saginaw Valley State to play QB. After that, he played for the Omaha Beef of the National Indoor Football League. He was also a High School math teacher. Eventually he became an assistant at Northern, then Central Michigan. Then on to the NFL where he became a quarterback whisperer.

He was most recently with Tennessee and called plays there. Now he heads to Green Bay to work with A-A Ron Rodgers. Matt LaFleur: Made in Michigan.

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