This weekend I had an AWESOME cheeseburger at the Mayfair in Haslett. I am a simple man, I just like lettuce, cheese and ketchup on my meat :) This burger not only tasted great but looked good on the plate too. As I was inhaling the burger, Matt, one of the winners Saturday from the Mayfair on Saturday said "That looks like a killer burger." He then got a burger he said was one of the best he ever had. Then he went out and won a trip to the "Shootout" at the Breslin Center. Get more info on the Shootout here.

It was one of the BEST BURGERS I have ever had. Who do you think has the BEST BURGER IN LANSING?

I am also a big fan of the Moo-Hoo burger in Webberville when they are open.

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