Classic Rock is here because of Led Zeppelin. They were so good, nearly 40 years after the death of John Bonham, bands are still ripping them off, like they ripped off other bands. There are also a few staple bands that tied the genre together, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Queen. Now, some people throw the Rolling Stones in there, no doubt a GREAT band. But the best ever?

It really depends on your stage in life but Rush has grown on me over the years. As you get a little more experience, you begin to better understand what Neil Peart is talking about. Rush has so many great stories that are songs... Red Barchetta, A Passage to Bangkok and Time Stand Still. Songs about growing up and becoming a better person.

Black Sabbath would get my vote some days. So ahead of their time.

If you are talking live bands, the conversation ends with Queen and Freddie Mercury. He was so amazing at live aid people forget Led Zeppelin reunited to play that gig. Phil Collins badly filled in on drums. People forget because Queen put on one of the best live performances in rock history.

When the greatest bands of Classic Rock are mentioned, Winger, Stryper and Nelson never come up!

Kiss may not be the best band ever but no one mastered the image or marketing game better. You can die and be buried in a Kiss casket. Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell from Pantera were both buried in one.

So, it's primary Tuesday. Who gets your vote as the greatest Classic Rock band ever? Write your answer in the comments or send us a message through the WMMQ app. Have fun! It's not politics.

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