I swear, I think they know I drive by and take pictures and they do it for the free advertising.

Look, I write and misspell words all the time (I just misspelled misspell).  I am a radio guy. Not a professional journalist.

I do spot some funny things though and the other day I saw a sign and even to me, it looked funny. We drove by it and my wife and I argued about going back for a useless picture but I am glad I snapped it. Today, I drove by and they gave it the old preschool try but failed again. My wife was right. I was happy I went and took the pictures.

Be My Guest

I have eaten there once and the pancakes were worth hiring. They are hiring cooks and servers if you know someone looking for a gig.

Seriously, I think places do this on purpose so people come in to tell them. Once they smell that delicious food, they are like a fish on a hook. People love to feel like they are right... People also love feel hungry when smugly satisfied. It's a time honored tradition.

Across the road from the restaurant is a car dealership that has some sign issues too. One day, they went to repair the sign and put their ladder on it. I guess they didn't realize it wasn't metal and ripped it off.

Must be a Twilight Zone for signs in the area?

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