Every winter in Michigan we have to deal with the same routine with our cars covered with snow and ice most mornings. Going out and brushing them while the car warms up. Personally I've never been one to wash my car too often unless there's a lot of salt build up. As if that isn't enough to be miserable about in the winter time already, Michigan drivers may need to start having more car washes than expected. Apparently there's talk about using beet juice on our highways in order to make the roads less slick.

First off, I didn't even know that beet juice was supposed to add traction to the roads. Back when I worked at a sports bar, I almost took my self out on a few beet juice puddles, so I guess concrete has a different affect. Recently WXYZ out of Detroit posted a picture of what appears to be some kind of beet juice concoction into a bucket explaining how this may be an option and why:

While some local cities have already been using a beet juice mixture on wintry roadways, there is a bill currently in the Michigan House Ways and Means Committee that would help fund a Michigan Department of Transportation study looking into its benefits. Tomorrow (December 10th) on 7 Action News This Morning, Ali Hoxie speaks with lawmakers about this bill and breaks down how this beet juice mixture works to combat icy roads.
Personally whatever works I'll be fine with. I just feel bad for those with white cars. This is apparently something that's being done in Canada already, as seen below.
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