Longtime WILX TV 10 Sportscaster Tim Staudt also hosts a radio show on one of our sister-stations here in the building. Staudt also drives the nicest car of all who work here - at least his 'summer car', which is a convertible Corvette.

What I don't understand is why Staudt parked that beautiful car really close to my car yesterday, considering that my car has over 260 thousand miles on it, was 'bumped' on both rear quarter-panels by other cars (ex-husband gets credit for one and future husband grazed it while backing out of the driveway, telling the kids to buckle their seatbelts) and was once hit by a school bus.

It took some acrobatics, including holding my door back with my foot while getting into the driver's seat, but I managed to not nick his door, as far as you can tell.