Throughout my lengthy radio career, I have worked in 3 buildings. My first gig was with my current employer back in 1997. Then I worked in a building on the south side of Lansing. We had a parking lot and some woods across the street, I did not see much wildlife. Maybe a trash panda on occasion or a cool bird.

When I got back into radio a couple of months ago I was excited to get back on the air and have some fun. Mission accomplished, I am doing it and having a blast. One of the cool things about the radio station is that there is a pond next door and there's a ton of wildlife that apparently like to visit.

So far I have had deer come up to my office window and cranes trying to pick up prizes. The cranes love coming to the front door and peaking in. I witnessed this for the first time recently and I was blown away. How cool.

I've seen cranes before but that's all I know about them. They look cool. Seaworld says this about the crane:

Cranes are tall birds with long legs, necks and usually long bills. They resemble herons and egrets in body shape, but tend to have heavier bodies. Cranes are generally brown, gray, or white in color, although African crowned cranes (Balearica pavonina) feature a striking gold crown of feathers on their heads.

They look like a tropical bird to me. I know that geese visit the radio station too because I have to dodge their "presents" that are left on the sidewalk. I am waiting for the geese to pay me a visit too.

Just some fun info and pics to share with you about the wildlife that loves your favorite radio station too.

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