Friday night, I decided to take my daughter to the football stands to run her out so she would hopefully sleep. Plus, I wanted to relive some old football glory. Show the daughter where daddy used to score... And play football too.

It was a much more depressing experience than I imagined. I LOVE football. I began my announcing career in Webberville after 6 years of high school there :)  Not only as a smart ass kid, I was the football announcer for a lot of years in Webberville..

Enough bragging about how awesome I was.

I love the fall. It's my favorite season and always will be. To see no lines on the football field was pretty deflating. The empty practice field... They had even removed the benches from the sidelines. I know school hasn't started yet but football season is normally underway by now.

No tailgate show this fall either. No MSU football or students back on campus.

Trick or treating seems to be made for social distancing. It's the easiest way to get a kid to wear a mask. If only we could get all the adults to do it.

The sound of the band playing on the field is the call of the fall for me. It'll be really strange this fall without all of it's usual flare. Drum sounds backed up by blowing wind and leaves.

Then, Thanksgiving. Black Friday. I'll be home for it all in the fall.

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