It's hard to believe in about 4 weeks MSU and Michigan will face off at an empty Big House. Michigan KILLED us there last year in the first game I ever got to see at the Big House. The arrogance reminded me of why I hate Michigan so much. Pleasant when you are losing but SORE when you are winning. Toxic.

The University of Michigan hospital saved my life so I really root for the Wolverines whenever they are not playing my Spartans. I especially root for them when they are playing Ohio State. God, I hate the Buckeyes. Even more than Michigan.

So, there is a website you can go to that tells you how many days it has been since Michigan beat Ohio State. As of today it has been 3,233 days. Click here to see it. It will tell you the time in Columbus and remind you that Michigan sucks!

I know al the Wolverine fans thought Michigan was back when they hire Jim Harbaugh but Captain Comeback is 0-5 against the Buckeyes. He says nothing makes him angrier. Michigan officially being back means they HAVE to beat Ohio State.

Michigan hasn't won in their biggest rivalry game since 2011. When you dig a bit deeper, in the last 19 games of the rivalry, the Buckeyes are 17-2. (The Nuts had to vacate the 2010 game because they got caught cheating.)

Adding fire to the rivalry this year, is Ohio State coach Ryan Day who said he wants to "hang a hundred" on Michigan this year. After Coach Harbaugh made some accusations on a conference call about the Buckeyes doing on field coaching that was not supposed to  be allowed at the time. Day told Harbaugh to "worry about his own team."

Then, he told his team he was going to "hang a hundred on the Wolverines."

I jinxed the Lions to a win last week.

No way the Wolverines beat the Buckeyes in Columbus this year. December 12th we find out.

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