Barry Davis of Webberville posted on Facebook Monday about what happened to him at JB Boots in Williamston over the weekend:

"I witnessed an act of kindness that blew me away. I was on my way to do some Christmas shopping and I stopped into JB Boots in Williamston. The owner of the store just happened to be in and I told him I was looking for a pair of cheap work boots for my young truck driver and he's a size 12. He took me back to the clearance rack but he didn't have any discount boots in a 12. At the same time were looking, I was telling him about my young truck driver. He's a really good guy that's raising two little girls and I've been helping him out getting some extra hours so he can provide a good Christmas for his family and the boots he has now are giving him blisters on his feet.

So the owner walks over to another shelf and handed me a pair of Work Zone 200 gram Thinsulate boots. I said okay cool what do I owe you for these bud, he said take'm and here's a couple pairs of socks. I said are you serious, I was blown away, I shook his hand and thanked him and told him that I'm glad to see that there's still some kind Americans out here like you. This guy gave me a hundred dollar pair of work boots for someone he doesn't even know, and now I feel like an idiot because I don't even know his name , looking to find out the new owners name so I can send him a Christmas card with a big thank you."

The store owners name is Steve Goward and we at WMMQ are honored to be a business partner of J&B Boots in Williamston.

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