The mandatory Monday morning meeting was mostly over, so I busted outside to capture a glimpse of the geese creatures who live outside the radio station. That's how interesting Monday morning meetings are, right? Just kidding, Boss, of course.

I love seeing the baby geese (not so much the goose poo on the sidewalk in front of the building), the budding trees and MORELS!

I have started hearing stories from friends about their rewards for foraging for the coveted fungus. Some friends have their secret spots up in Manistee, others in their backyards or area parks. Last year, Joey Pants found a bounty in his back yard and generously shared with My Honey and me.

So if you're hunting the treasured morels just for the thrill of it, and don't like to eat them, and don't want to sell them to a local vendor, I'll be happy to take them off your hands for you!

Gathered in Flint
2016 Morels