As the pandemic we've found ourselves in presses on, Jordan and I find ourselves in quarantine again.

This year and these COVID times have not really been easy on anybody, however, aside from having to wear masks, cancel plans and quarantine, this virus has not really affected us directly...until now.

Without going into too much detail, a coworker of Jordan's tested positive for COVID this week.

Now, as we sit here trying to find a place to go get tested, as cases are spiking where we live in the Jackson area, it is becoming a bit of a challenge. I do not want to get political here but my main question in all of this has to be why is it so hard to get tested without showing symptoms?

It is just one of those things where I say "I mean, I get it...but I don't."

All that aside, I will be working from home until Jordan and I both have negative results so the show may be sounding a bit different from what we were just getting used to.

While I am not happy about the circumstances under which I find myself back working from home again, I have to admit I am at least a little excited. I love a new challenge and knowing Joey and I have done this before, I can go into it a bit more confidently.

Jordan and I are also in our own house now and I can actually use my desk for more than just doing my makeup!

Like a lot of people, I did get tired of everything surrounding this virus. I know how serious it is and never forgot that but I did start getting a bit more relaxed with how strictly we were following guidelines. This is definitely a wake-up call.

If anybody needs me, I will be chilling at home, binging way more TV and snacks than I should and, of course, making radio for all of you!

As far as the morning show goes, Joey and I have both worked from home at the same time just a few months ago and we are confident we can do it again! I definitely would have never thought my first "official" year as a host of a morning show would be like this but it's been an interesting challenge and I long for the day(s) we can look back at this time and say "remember how crazy this was?"

Here are a few things I learned making radio from home the first time around:

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