I realized this morning when I woke up that I'd left my cell phone on the nightstand, which may have been why I didn't sleep as well. A couple of months ago, I started putting the phone on the other side of the room, (since I use it as my alarm to get out of bed), because I'd heard that the cell phones interrupt your sleep.

In part, smart phones interrupt slumber because even though we're 'not awake', KGW.com reports that we are still aware of the notifications coming to our devices and may reach over to look at what we've received, interrupting the deep sleep necessary to recharge our brains.

Also, the DailyMail.com says that sleep experts say we can get better sleep if we keep mobile phones and other electronics (including TVs) out of our sleep space, because the light emitted by the screens trick the brain into thinking it's daytime and we should be alert.