Are you a Lansing resident with an opinion? Are you concerned about the status of the Lansing Board of Water and Light? Do support or oppose a plan to sell the utility to a private company? Are you in favor of or against a casino in Lansing? Do you feel that the city is neglecting your neighborhood? Maybe you're just sick of seeing the same faces represent your voice with their own special interests. Or, like me, you're ready to vote out the tree-huggers that keep infiltrating our once four-lane city roads with bike lanes that virtually nobody uses.

Well, do your part! Get off of your kiester and head to the polls today! According to the Lansing State Journal, it won't take a whole lot of your time since nobody seems to be showing up to vote. There are three big city council seats up for grabs; Carol Wood is the incumbent for the at-large seat, and is being challenged by new names with fresh ideas in Patricia Spitzley and Emily Dievendorf as well as former councilman Harold Leeman. In Ward 1, Shelley Davis Mielock challenges incumbent Jody Washington. And in Ward 3, the heated battle full of mudslinging between incumbent A'Lynne Boles and Adam Hussain will be decided. But, if voter apathy continues today, we'll see the same old faces that don't want any sort of change, transition, or growth in the city

LSJ also has a great breakdown for Lansing voters regarding the proposed amendment to the City Charter that would place a limitation on city at-will employment contracts.