At first I was scared for America if Donald Trump became President. Then, the more I thought, every media person in America should be pulling for Trump. The entertainment value of this guy is on a higher level than any President I have seen. It would be easy material for 4 years.

A lot of entertainment types have said they would move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected. Naturally, other countries have started appealing to these liars. Today, I spotted the 5 countries that will welcome you if he is elected. Click here to check it out.

The gist of the list is:

#5 New Zealand. They have a webpage to make leaving your country a snap. They have free health care and a lower cost of living than most American cities with the same standard of living.

#4 Ireland. It's pretty easy to become an Irish citizen. The Irish are consistently ranked some of the friendliest people in the world. Get married to an Irish person or have a baby in Ireland and you're in!

#3 Canada. Cape Breton already has launched their campaign to land Trump haters. Click here to check it out. Canada has a very open immigration policy and immigrants get a free full year of access to the countries National Parks.

#2 Norway. No residence permit or Visa is needed for the town of Svalbard. It's cold as hell there and you better be able to defend yourself against Polar Bears.

#1 Sweden. 15% of the Swede population is immigrants. It's been named one of the best countries for women and most progressive views toward gender equality.

I am not going anywhere. The show is about to start.